Monday, May 27, 2013

SMASH*ing good time !!!

I didn't really know anything about SMASH until a few weeks ago.  I was asked by Sar at Scrapbook Savvy if I would like to give it a go.  "Why not" was my thought.  I have to say that I LOVE IT !!!  It's right up my alley. There is no thinking, no structure (not that I have any in my scrapbook pages), I can put whatever I want on the page and not have to worry if everything "matches".

It reminds of when I was younger and kept a diary.  Everything went in there - but I didn't realise back then that was a form of scrapbooking.

I thought it would be great to finally get some of the 1600 photos from our USA holiday into a book.  We went to 2 years ago, but the thought of scrapping so many (not to mention the cost of doing that many photos!!) had put me off a little - until now.

Here's some of my work in progress.  It might not be right, but it's how I want to remember our holiday.  I think SMASH*ing is going to be my number 1 go to way of scrapping any type of holiday, occassion now as it's just so easy.  These 8 pages took only 2 hours.  It can take me 2 days just to work out what paper to use on a LO.

Anyway, hope you like it

The start of our adventure :)

List of what's on the itinerary, and a few momentos from our collection

Bailey celebrating his 7th birthday in NY

Our life saver - the subway map

And finally, what NYC is all about to us :)

As you can see, not a lot of papers.  Just wanting to get everything down that our holiday meant to us as a family.

Can't wait to keep filling the pages.

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  1. Love seeing your pages, Karen!! Keep them coming :-)

  2. WOW 2hrs??? Love each page. I hav not got on the bag wagon yet but Imight just have to bite the bullet and buy one :)

  3. I think this type of scrapping is fantastic for holidays/events, so much can be fitted in , plus all the little memento's as apposed to a single layout .Your book looks awesome. Hubby wants to go to New York next year, so can you recommend it ?


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