Thursday, May 23, 2013

Savvy CC starts tonight....

Our monthly cybercrop at Scrapbook Savvy starts this AT 8PM Friday night 24 May…on mine & my hubby’s TENTH wedding anniversary!
We will release FOUR new cybercrop challenges on the Friday night, and a Blind Scrap over the course of the weekend. Our CC goes for nearly a week with deadline being midnight Thursday 30 May, giving you plenty of time to get your layouts done…and get you in the running for some Savvy spending money plus RANDOM PRIZES along the way!
Over the course of the weekend I will have TEN MASSIVE SPOT SALES!  These will be items I announce over the weekend at a massive discount to you, available at the sale price for a limited time only.  Orders CAN be combined over various sales during the weekend, and you will still be eligible for flat rate post of $7.50 as per our normal store conditions.
Register HERE IN OUR FACEBOOK EVENT to play along with the Cybercrop, and all challenges will be posted in our Event and ALSO RIGHT HERE on the Scrapbook Savvy Blog.
Please note – all challenges require NEW layouts done specifically for the Savvy CC and must be uploaded to the Savvy Gallery before the deadline midnight Thursday 30th May here –
Hope to see you!
Cheers, Sar, Sara, Kerryn, Karen & Chloe @ Scrapbook Savvy
PS – do you like the banner background?!  You might just see it in our NEW KIT….that might just be released over the course of the cybercrop!!!

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