Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cake Creating

For something different, I started a cake decorating course this term and I am loving it !!! We finished our first cake last night so thought I would share with you. The only downside is we make fruit cake and nobody here eats them so I will have to find a nice home for them to go to :) We've learnt how to ice the cake as well as make the flowers, leaves and butterflies.

Here is the finished product

We start our 2nd cake next week - an exploding box cake. Can't wait to get started.

I have been scrapping too, here is a sneek

All will be revealed next week :)

Thanks for the lovely comments on my previous post - looking forward to getting to work on the DT. Don't forget to leave a comment if you stop by so I can come past your blog too :)

Whatever you do today, hope it's a good one.


  1. WOW Karen your cake is so beautiful.. what an awesome job for your 1st one!! Your sneak looks fabulous.. can't wait to see more!! :)

  2. WOW this is STUNNING!!! I love cake decorating..have never done it before but would like to do it one day! Love your sneak too can't wait to see your exploding cake box! xx

  3. i love your cake...this is something i have always wanted to do.....

  4. oh my goodness this is amazing!


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